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Twisted Intimacy: Helping Clients Embody and Embrace Their Authentic Sensuality

It all started amid the pandemic when entrepreneurs Monika (who also owns Phoenix Crochet Designs, a crochet company, and models professionally), and Ebony (who also owns One With Ebony, a yoga/bodywork studio), combined their passion for fitness, movement, and sensuality to birth a non-traditional, avant-garde project: Twisted Intimacy. Twisted Intimacy offers services such as body-work, Thai Massage, couples' intimacy workshops, and women's group parties, providing tips and techniques to help individuals expand their intimacy knowledge and connection with themselves. Both women supported Braziliara during the start-up journey, collaborating with small businesses locally in Manassas, Virginia.

Initially, both women were concerned as they knew that their project would raise eyebrows in their traditional communities, but with some encouragement from their friends, they took the dive and launched. Within a few months of the launch, Twisted Intimacy took off: soon, Monika and Ebony were hosting multiple parties (both virtually and in-person with social distancing), and have since gained an enthusiastic following of women and couples seeking to expand their understanding of intimacy.

Twisted Intimacy has allowed Monika and Ebony to teach the importance of loving the body, and the freedom that comes with authentic self-expression. Both women are looking forward to expanding their horizons through many new workshops, retreats, and service offerings in the years to come. Visit the Twisted Intimacy website or connect on Instagram!

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