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Global Fitness Leader Kerstin Powergirl Teaches Holistic Mind/Body Fitness in Ireland

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Fitness model and Braziliara customer Kerstin Sellberg (better known in the fitness community as Kerstin Powergirl) is passionate about educating the mind along with the body, helping her clients understand and realize their full human potential through holistic health, fitness, nutrition, yoga, massage therapy, and social anthropology. She is so physically active that no one would ever guess her age. What's her secret? Her mastery over her mind.

Kerstin is an avoid supporter and practitioner of the global, award-winning Educogym Educomodel, which operates on research into human potential and using the greater part of the mind, to bring about a deeper-than-normal level of attention. She inspires women to discipline their minds in order to achieve excellent fitness results while working out in their own homes. As the wise Sadhguru once said, "a disciplined mind is like the Kalpavriksha ("Wishing Tree" in Sanskrit), which can achieve any manifestation." Kerstin helps her clients get more of what they want in life through total mind/body discipline.

Kerstin is a humanitarian leader: she has previously worked as a Manager/Coordinator of the Department of Special Educational Needs in a group of private schools (IES) in her native Stockholm, Sweden. She has a background in yoga, meditation, and massage. She is a certified Play Therapist, and holds two Masters degrees and various diplomas, highlighting her love for lifelong learning. Connect with Kerstin on Instagram!

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