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Kate Schettler Is Living Her California Dream as a CEO, Model, Actress, and Musician

Kate Schettler manifested a move to Hollywood, California in 2018 to pursue her dreams. Now working as a bi-coastal actor with agents in LA, ATL and Nashville, she is enjoying the fruits of her labor. With a background in musical theater and music, Kate did not initially envision herself as a model, until an Atlanta agent submitted her for commercial print jobs and her career took off. Despite Kate's 5'5'' height and size 6 build (unusual for the modeling industry), she has been tremendously successful, firmly advocating for body positivity and authenticity in modeling. Due to her natural positive energy and kindness, she received many modeling gigs with ease, which expanded her horizons and invited more professional opportunities. Kate's company, Kate Schettler Entertainment, encompasses her acting, music, and modeling work. She is committed to consistently creating quality content in various forms.

Although Kate has been living her dream life as CEO, much of her journey has been uphill: the entertainment industry has not been predictable, especially amid the pandemic. Many people have no idea how much sacrifice a woman-owned business entails, particularly in the entertainment industry as a self-funded professional. Kate sacrificed her own time, energy, and money, including countless studio practice hours, high-pressure auditions, and large financial investments (acting classes, headshots, auditions, and studio time/production). Additionally, Kate has faced online bullying and unfriendly opinions on her career by friends and family who misunderstood her due to their limiting beliefs.

Still, she did not let them bring her down. Kate is an amazing artist - her work includes music releases, music videos, themed photoshoots, comedy videos, and social media ads. She books acting work through her agents for TV/film and commercials. Her music releases can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, etc, and her videos can be found on YouTube. Connect with Kate on Instagram!

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