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Goddess Voices @ Braziliara

Empowering women globally to start their own businesses.

My Story

My name is Anya. I am a life coach, energy therapist, and spiritual counselor. I started Braziliara as a small, self-funded passion-project in my home-basement with the goal of empowering women to look and feel their best in fitness. Braziliara had very humble beginnings, and faced tremendous growing pains in the last few years due to the popularity of the products. In 2017, my classic honeycomb leggings became a staple fashion trend - the #1 best-selling Brazilian leggings on the market! Although many cheap brands have copied the "honeycomb" look with cheap fabrics, Braziliara remains at the top as an AUTHENTIC company with ethical factory conditions, high-quality fabrics (thick Brazilian supplex 90%/10% polyamide/elastane, 310 gsm heaviness, double-stitching), and original in-house designs, imported directly from Rio to you! I can personally guarantee you the highest product quality available on the market.



When I started Braziliara, I was healing through a very difficult time of tremendous grief and loss in my life during which I had neither emotional, nor financial support, so I relied primarily on my customers' word-of-mouth, kind influencers, and small woman-owned fitness businesses who truly understood and believed in me, to uplift my Spirit and my brand. The support of loving women helped me get through the storm, and I promised that I would give back one day. I promised that once I healed, I would create a community network of woman-owned businesses, which would allow women to tell their stories and promote their brands. At Braziliara, I believe in collaboration. Women heal in circles - together, we are stronger than alone. If you are interested in collaborating, please send me a message! Let's connect!


Braziliara is a leading wholesaler for many fitness boutiques, gyms, fitness studios, and fashion stores, empowering existing small businesses and supporting women in starting their own new businesses, globally. All women who wholesale with Braziliara are eligible to receive a free 30-minute business coaching session with me to go over their business goals, plans, and ideas.


Instagram: @Braziliara



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